A little note on Purpose


From Frustration to Revelation. The Journey of Building Zion

Hey there, Bible-believing baddie. A bit of a long read, but please do.

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is a reflection of 'You'?

Fashion speaks louder than words, but it's so bad that Christians have limited options. 

What are top results for "Christian fashion"? Kind of corny, a touch of frumpy, with layers of unflattering designs. I was super frustrated with my findings, because why should being a Christian mean settling for the undesirable?

I got a vision to make scriptures a lifestyle, to breathe life into our wardrobes, even combining a cute sweatshirt with some fabulous Christian jewelry. Remember 'write them on the tablets of your heart?' (Proverbs 7:2-3). Whether at a café, the cinema, when we need that extra encouragement, or gifting a Bible-inspired hoodie to a friend going through a tough time, if we can wear regular tees from fast fashion brands with all sorts of phrases, we can wear the words of life on our bodies too.

The gospel and clothing needs a power-up! Our faith is a big deal! If you refuse to let the next-gen grow up thinking that Christianity means a lack of style, or that faith means 'outdated, so they shouldn't bother,' then we are responsible for ending that misconception of Christian-frumpiness. Heaven wants more than the cringe productivity that's been going on for a while.

Because Jesus is a big deal.

As a fashion advocate, I knew that somehow, somewhere, there were creatives making modern Bible-based designs and not getting enough patronage. And that somehow, somewhere, believers like me were craving modern streetwear that mirrored the real rollercoaster of our faith journey in Christ. If we wanted to pair our Bible-verse tops with cargo pants and stilettos, I didn't see why the gospel and High Street couldn't be in the same sentence.

So I built the bridge for audacity, I built ZION with direction from the Holy Spirit. Step by step, we searched far and wide and it was mind-blowing! From South Africa to New Zealand, it took 2 years to compile this global supply of Christian creative vendors.

FINALLY, modern Christian brands are available to you now. Ha-lle-lu-jah!

P.S. Don't let New Zealand scare you; their delivery is good.

I can't wait to release everything that would excite you at ZION—some of the most outstanding scripture-based lifestyle accessories ever seen. Even perfumes! Esther was a slay Queen! Ruth mastered scents! The Queen of Sheba was a 'Bible-believing Baddie' as I love to call her.

Watch out for these collections every day, along with tips from image consultants regarding dressing for your body type and wearing the gospel in Vogue. Make sure to sign up for the waiting list ASAP if you don't want to miss out on these resources.

In the meantime, please support Christian Brands. Please, please, and please. We're one family in Christ, and you can spend on designers, but also support Christian Creatives. In fact, I call our vendors 'designers' because that is what they do!

We want to see more bold Christians, more stylish believers, and more scriptures on the streets because Sundays are not enough before those in need are reminded of the gospel. Would you be left out? Or would you be a part of it?


Zion the Woman

Now, hold up, let's talk brands and feedback...

I bumped into a few brands during the vetting process who value 'faith over quality' (to put it nicely).

There is no reason why we serve an excellent God and not produce excellent work.

As a Christian called to boldness and courage (2 Timothy 1:7), you have a voice, and your feedback always matters. Kindly rate your experience with each vendor who delivers your shipment. It helps them up their game, and we'll give you points for freebies and rewards. We believe in the transparency of goods and honest service.

As for sizing, I am pushing for a very diverse and inclusive sizing system. If your size doesn't show up, shoot us a chat. If the delivered size doesn't match your order, snitch for a refund! Seriously, hit us up on the customer service page, and we'll have a chat with the vendor for compensation.

And last but not least, I vet every item before it hits this site because I've got your back. But hey, if you spot anything off - seemingly blasphemous, twisted gospel, new-age pretending to be gospel, or just plain weird - message me on the customer service form and I'll speak to the vendor. I am learning and growing, just like you.

If you feel like encouraging me because I've lost some hair strands building this site, also send me a message of encouragement. I'm a child of God; I don't bite.

Ready to flip the script for Christian Fashion? I think you can tell this is about to be a revolution! Let's make this happen! One epic streetwear after another.