I have 101 reasons why Christian women must look fabulous

But first, let's debunk some myths and style you for your body type! My mother always hammered one thing into my brain: how you dress IS how you would be addressed. Getting dressed for success and feeling fabulous is your own right.  Remember, it's all about rocking your unique body with confidence and a touch of playfulness. Here's your step-by-step roadmap to slaying your style:


Embrace Your Shape 🌟

First things first, celebrate your body! Specifically selected by your creator. Are you an hourglass, pear-shaped, heavy-breasted, or something in between? Forget what your sister looks like or the woman you admire so much. This is your body, the one God made, and that's your own fashion superpower. So, step one, embrace those curves, and I'm not talking about hips. The curve of your neck, the curve of your belly, look at your body and just say "You know what? For all we've been through, I love you". That's what makes you, YOU!


Know Your Best Features 🌸

Take a look in the mirror and pick out your favorite features. Is it your waist? Your legs, your shoulders, your eyes? 

Highlight these gems when choosing your outfit. Show them off, and let them steal the spotlight! P.S., highlighting could be skin, but highlighting isn't just about skin, sometimes it's simply putting the right accessories in the right position. We'll get to that.


Dress for Your Body Type 💃

Now, the fun part! Choose outfits that do justice to your unique body type. If you're an hourglass, go for pieces that hug that lovely waist. Pear-shaped? A-line skirts are your BFFs. Apple-shaped? Flowy tops and V-necks are your go-to. If you hop on the waiting list, we'll even hook you up with a sweet PDF guide. But really, notice Your Signature Statement, what you feel most excited about. Your body sings when it's in sync with its type, trust me. You feel free, and you feel thrilled from inside, but if you want more examples, join the community of women getting the backstage scoop and sign up!


Play with Patterns and Colors 🎨

Time to bring some class into your wardrobe with patterns and colors. Stripes, polka dots, florals – unleash your inner artist. Go for shades that make you feel alive and ready to conquer the world. If you're all about jewel tones, dive in. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and amber. And if black is your vibe, do black with style. But if you want to know the shades that make your skin glow, it's in the PDF too, so sign up below!


Experiment with Accessories ✨

Accessories are like the sprinkles on your two-layered cake. Play around with necklaces, earrings, hats and scarves. They can turn a simple outfit into a stylish masterpiece. Check Zion's shop, we're constantly uploading statement accessories to level up your look.


Mix and Match with Confidence 🧵

Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces. Pair that skirt with a graphic t-shirt, or those bold pants with a blazer. Fashion is your playground, and from now on, you're the adventurer! I'll say find your aesthetic on Pinterest. It's honestly a game-changer. Once you find your aesthetic that truly makes your heart swoon, create a virtual collection. Pinterest is like a fashion GPS for your closet. Every time you're stuck wondering what to wear, revisit your Pinterest board, recreate those outstanding outfits, or reward yourself with a new piece from Zion's shop, and voila you're in a new reality!


Rock Your Confidence 💃

Above all, remember that confidence is your secret weapon. Own your look, walk tall, and wear that smile like it's couture. You are a vision of beauty, you are the radiance of God's glory! Confidence is contagious, it makes everything shine even brighter. I was once clueless, but I'm my biggest inspiration as we speak. Understand your identity as God's masterpiece.

If you are searching for some statement pieces, don't forget to check the Zion Store. 

And if you're craving that PDF guide to unlock your true style and find the perfect colors for your skin's true tones, make sure to sign up below for the exclusive tea, this article was just a teaser. 

There you have it – your summary guide to dressing for your body type. Now go ahead, raid that closet, hit the stores, and have a blast creating outfits that make you feel like the fabulous godly woman that you are!



Zion the Woman

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