Highest Selling Album Of 2016 Goes To Beyonce’s Lemonade

The yearly Global Music Report was recently released to give details on the biggest music releases of last year, and topping the list was Beyonce’s Lemonade. It’s no surprise there, as Beyonce is 6 for 6 for number 1 albums on the charts.
Selling more than 2.5 million albums, she just barely beat out Adele, who was able to sell 2.4 million. Not too far behind is Drake and Metallica, which have sold 2.3 and 2.1 million albums.

Within the top 10 of highest albums sold in 2016, surprisingly 3 of the 10 released back in 2015.
Wondering how the state of music sales have gone throughout the years? The list of the top 10, when combined, equals to more than 19 million albums sold. These figures don’t include the amounts of streaming on top of the numbers, and consist solely with actual sales.

This just goes to show why Beyonce is on top of the game, and deserves to be called the queen.

Emma Watson Explains Why No More Selfies With Fans

The former Harry Potter movies’ star, Emma Watson, has revealed why she doesn’t take pictures with fans anymore. Watson also referred to her struggles with self-doubt and on having a normal life when her Hermione’s days were reaching the end.
“I’ve been doing this since I was a child, which has made me thought, ‘is this a fit for me? I don’t know if this will all work out,” she said in an interview. “But as time goes on, I’ve thought it over, and I think everything is well.”

It must be hard having this kind of life, and more for Watson, who tried to change things a little bit back in 2009 when he attended to Brown University. Back in the days, Emma even thought about quitting acting, due to her fame troubles. “It started getting to the point where I realized that there was no turning back. If I wanted to pursue something else, now this would be the best time for that,” she shared.
There are a lot of troubles in this world, and she has seen them very close. That’s the main reason why she doesn’t take selfies with fans (besides premieres and red carpet events).

“When someone snaps a photo of me and then posts it on social media, within seconds that information of where I am gets leaked onto the internet. Now they can quickly identify who I am, by what I’m wearing and who I’m with. I don’t like that at all, it makes me easily trackable,” said Emma.
However, she had made clear that there’s no problem if fans have a question about Harry Potter. Emma also says that she can talk with fans for a while, but remarking that pictures are not allowed. I’ll answer, ‘We can talk, and I’ll answer any and every Harry Potter related question, but I don’t take a photo.’ I’m more choosy about how I interact with my fans. But there are exceptions to the rule; I don’t say no to children.”
This seems like the best choice to her, seeing his past and the events she has gone through during all her years as an actress. So, who can blame Emma? I’m pretty sure that absolutely nobody.

Justin Bieber Slammed Into Glass During Celebrity NHL Game

In an exhibition game taking place during NHL All-Star weekend, Justin Bieber was slammed into the boards by Chris Pronger. The game, which starred some of the greats in hockey, as well as numerous celebrity additions, took place on Saturday night.
Looking to make a response of his own to show that he was no slouch on the ice, Bieber showcased his skills out on the ice while scoring an empty net goal. That wasn’t the only achievement of the night, as the pop superstar went on to grab an assist, prompting his team to victory, with an overall score of 5-3 in the Celebrity Shootout contest.

Another celebrity on the ice, Cuba Gooding Jr. went on to make a joke about Bieber’s performance in the game, “It only took 25 shots, but he finally got one in.”
“I had no clue that he actually had some skills on the ice, he can play,” claimed Gooding, whose goal won the game for Team Gretzky.

Twitter Goes Crazy Over Celebrity Death Hoax Involving Tony Hawk

Social media, more specifically Twitter, was going crazy over a fake news statement that claimed Tony Hawk had passed away from overdosing on opiates. News quickly circulated around the social media platform, which in turn led back to Hawk, who was quick to jump on Twitter to announce that he was still alive and breathing.

In his response, Hawk shared a video with his followers showing that everything was okay, and that he was on a snowboarding trip at a ski resort.

Following the post, he went on to state that people need to be more wary about what they read on the internet, and not everything posted is true.
This wasn’t the first time that Hawk was targeted for a death hoax, as back in 2012, there was a news story circulating that the professional skateboarder was involved in a fatal car crash that took his life. Fortunately, both stories were untrue so fans of the skating icon can breathe easy.